Alert: As a reminder to students, staff, parents and community members of the Fleetwood Area School District . . . Please be aware that school will now be in session on Monday and Tuesday, April 10th & 11th as make-up days for the recent snow closures on the 14th and 15th of this month.

Senior Motivators In Learning & Education Services Program

Senior Volunteer Application form must be completed and sent to our district Business Office. Please refer to the Volunteer information under the Community tab for the required clearance information.

A record of time volunteered must be kept by the volunteer and the department/building office.  Monthly records will be sent to the district Business Office by each building/department secretary.  For every hour of volunteer service (max 100 hours/July -June) provided to our district, $5.99 of credit will be set aside towards a rebate (max $599.00) on the next fiscal year’s property tax bill.  At the end of the district’s fiscal year (e.g, end of June), the Business Office will calculate the dollars earned during that fiscal year and issue a rebate check in September.