Principal's Message


Being a high school student brings with it many expectations, privileges, and experiences.  Though you may feel like your school years are long, they are but fleeting moments in your life.  What you do with these moments will help you to develop into productive and confident members of society.  I urge you to create within yourselves a code of conduct that will make you and all who know you proud.  Stay true to yourself, develop goals and aspirations for your life, and make your family, friends, and education a priority.  If you do, these are choices you will never regret.  Expect that this will be your best year yet!

Being a member of the staff also brings expectations, privileges, and experiences.  Thank you to all of you who work so tirelessly to promote a safe, trusted, and academically stimulating environment for our students.  You are all integral parts to the success of the students and district.  Your efforts, creativity, dedication, and optimistic attitudes are greatly appreciated.  Expect this to be your best year yet!

Being a parent brings expectations, privileges, and experiences as well. It is my goal to maintain high academic and social expectations from your child(ren) and that you will expect no less.  Thank you for your involvement in their lives, you are their true north, their calm in the storms of life, no one can take your place. You are essential for their success in school and their futures.  Parenting is full of challenges…thank you for meeting them.  Expect this to be your best year yet!

I am looking forward to a year full of growth, challenges, excitement, and new experiences and to challenging myself to make this my best year yet.  I look forward to you challenging yourselves to be the very best you can be inside the walls of Fleetwood Area High School as well as out.  Let’s continue to make Fleetwood proud.

Have a great year!

Stephen A. Herman