Dual Enrollment Information

Earn College Credits While In High School

Current FAHS students who want to get a jump on earning college credits can do so through our eight advanced placement courses and/or through our dual enrollment partnership with Reading Area Community College. These rigorous courses allow students to accumulate college credits while still in high school without leaving the Fleetwood campus. Taking college-level courses is a great way for students to experience classes taught at the post-secondary level, help boost GPA and also may enhance the appeal of a student’s academic record for college consideration.

Dual Enrollment Partnership with Reading Area Community College

FAHS has partnered with RACC to allow students the opportunity to earn college credit for the college-level courses they take at FAHS. These courses parallel the same competencies and expectations as their RACC counterparts and the FAHS teachers are held to the same qualifications as RACC adjunct faculty. Students interested in enrolling must complete both the online and paper applications.  After completing the course at FAHS, the student will earn college credit from RACC for grades of “C” or higher. Most year-long FAHS dual enrollment courses can count for two separate courses at RACC, earning students up to 8 college credits.

Currently, FAHS offers the following courses for dual enrollment:

FLEETWOOD HS COURSE Instructor RACC equivalent course # of Credits

AP Biology - M. Coassolo 

AP Macroeconomics -  D. Heffner 

AP Chemistry - M. Biniek 

AP Literature and Composition - K. Sahaydak

AP U.S. History - P. Kochanasz 

AP World History -  S. Rankin HIS 

AP Calculus - J. Bergstresser MAT

Spanish 5 - E. Crawford SPA 101-1501 SPA 102-3501 SPA 201-1501 3 3 3


Although RACC is community college accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, it is strongly recommended that students thoroughly research the transferability of their dual enrollment courses by contacting an admissions counselor at their future college choice or by checking www.collegetransfer.net or www.patrac.org  Check out the Fleetwood course transfer equivalencies chart for several local colleges. 


Application & Registration is a two-step process

1.  Apply online at RACC’s Dual Enrollment website:  racc.edu.DE

2. Complete the paper application by September 19, 2019.  See your dual enrollment instructor for the paper registration packet. 

There are two forms in the packet that must be returned to Mrs. Sherman in the HS office by September 19, 2019.

2018 -2019 Tuition and Fees

* College application fee: FREE

* Tuition: $99 per credit (a 3-credit course = $297; a 4-credit course = $396)

Billing Information

The Reading Area Community College's (RACC) Cashier's Office will send a bill to the student's home once the registration form has been submitted for processing. Tuition is due on the following dates.

 Fall semester course – November 1, 2019

Spring semester course – March 1, 2020

Withdrawal from a Course If a student wishes to drop or withdraw from a course, he or she must notify both Mrs. Molly Sherman (Fleetwood Dual Enrollment Coordinator) and Patti Mellor in RACC records office. The amount of the refund is dependent upon the date the RACC receives notice of the intent to withdraw.


Many colleges and universities accept Dual Enrollment credits. It is the student's responsibility to verify the transfer credit policy at the college that they wish to attend to find out how credits will be accepted. To request that an official college transcript be sent, the student must use the online request form located on the RACC website at by clicking here

Important RACC Contacts

* Molly Sherman, Fleetwood Dual Enrollment Coordinator o (610) 944-7656 x1302 or email

* Jamica Andrews, RACC Early College Enrollment Services Coordinator o (610) 372-4721 ext. 5286 or email

* Jodi Corbett, RACC Liaison (for general information about the program) o (610) 607-6219 or email

* Sharon Shearer, RACC Academic Affairs (for information on academic rules and regulations o (610) 607-6214 or email

* Patti Mellor, RACC Records Office (for schedule changes and transcript questions) o (610) 372-4721 x5469 or email

* Cashier's Office (for billing questions, account information, and payment) - (610) 607-6235 or 1-800-626-1665 x6235