History of Andrew Maier Elementary

Andrew Maier Elementary School is located at 355 Andrew Maier Boulevard in Blandon, Pennsylvania.  The school was named in honor of Andrew Maier, a Reading baker who donated the land on which the school was built. 

The original building was erected in 1951.  The first major renovations to the school occurred in 1973, including an "open space" area, a library and a multi-purpose room.  In 1992, Andrew Maier Elementary School received a major overhaul, including a new gymnasium, computer lab, art and music rooms, as well as ten new classrooms. 

Andrew Maier Elementary School, as well as the other two elementary schools in the district, operate under a K-4 organizational structure.  At each grade level, a planned course of study (curriculum guide) has been developed by the instructional staff for each subject taught.  In addition to the regular education programs, a learning support class and a gifted program (ETC.) complement and reinforce the various grade levels.

In addition to the regular staff, the school is served by a Title I reading teacher, a support teacher, art, music, and physical education teachers, a guidance counselor, librarian, nurse, speech and language teacher, emotional support teacher, instructional aides and a school psychologist.  The office staff consists of the principal, a secretary, and two clerical aides.  In addition, the Parent-Teacher Club is very supportive of the school, providing a variety of programs, activities and materials for students and staff.

The Andrew Maier Elementary School staff is committed to excellence, providing a strong program of education that gives all students the opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential in a warm, friendly, and challenging learning environment.