Fleetwood Virtual School

Last Updated: 4/8/2019 6:21 PM

Fleetwood operates its own cyber education program called the Fleetwood Virtual School. The School uses published on-line curricula that challenges each student. The specific curriculum is selected by the student’s guidance counselor. The district provides a lap-top computer (and printer for a primary student). Additional materials are provided for K-6 students while secondary students have all of their materials on-line. Students are permitted to work at their own pace although they have a specific number of days to complete their course work. Fleetwood Virtual School students are students of the Fleetwood Area School District.

If you are thinking about having your child take some or all of his/her courses on-line, or if you have one of your children attending a cyber charter school, please contact either your child’s counselor or the Superintendent. The opportunities available to students in the Fleetwood Virtual School provide distinct advantages over cyber charter schools, including the opportunity for students to receive face-to-face instruction when a student is struggling with their studies and is a member of the Fleetwood Area School district Community.

Virtual School Contact: Jaclyn Smith at 610-944-9598 x 1101 or email -jacsmith@fleetwoodasd.org