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District Lunch Menu Information

Lunch is available to all Fleetwood Area School District students. You can access the lunch menu on our school district website. FASD Food Service follows the National School Lunch Programs Regulations, Title 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 210, under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service.

Students in our Elementary schools have 3 entrée selections daily. Middle school students have these same 4-entrée selections. High school students have 10 entrée selections.

Food Service follows what is call a Traditional menu with Offer vs. Serve. This means that students are offered daily:

  • 1 serving
    • Meat or meat alternate = 3 oz. per day
  • 2 servings
    • Vegetable or fruit = 3/4 cup per day
  • 1 serving
    • Bread or bread alternate = 10 servings per week
  • 1 serving
    • Milk = 8 oz. per day

A student needs to take at least 3 out of the 5 items listed including a Fruit/Vegetable to qualify for a meal price or pay ala carte price for each item. 

Elementary example:

    1. Chicken Drumsticks (2)
      Dinner Roll (1)
    2. Stuffed Crust Pizza (2)
    3. Ham & Cheese on Roll (2)
      Mashed Potatoes with or without Gravy (1)
      Broccoli (1)
      Pineapple (1)
      Choice of Milk (1)

Students have multiple options to comprise a meal and a choice provides variety and encourages students consumption. We do encourage students to take at least 3 items instead of paying ala carte prices and explain the reason why.

Regulations also require Minimum Nutrient and Calorie Levels for School Lunches be met.

  Ages 5-8 Ages 9 & up
Calories (energy allowances) 633 785
Total fat (as a % of actual total food energy) 1.2 2
Saturated fat (as a % of actual total food energy) 1.3 3
RDA for protein (g) 9 15
RDA for calcium (mg) 267 370
RDA for iron (mg) 3.3 4.2
RDA for Vitamin A (RE) 200 285
RDA for Vitamin C (mg) 15 17








Not to exceed 30 percent fat and 10 percent saturated fat over a school week.

The PA Dept of Ed reviewed FASD Food Service during 2002-2003 school year. We are happy to report that all the significant nutrients are within the target ranges. Our week average for total fat was 26.88% and saturated fat 9.72%. We would like to share the comment we received from the advisor who completed our review. All significant nutrients are within target ranges. Nutrient Analysis is commendable. The analysis reflects healthy student choices. As observed on the day of review the servers encourage the students to select fruits and vegetables. This encouragement is reflected in the analysis. Fleetwood is providing sound meals and a positive atmosphere for student lunch. Congratulations to the staff for encouraging the students and helping to achieve a phenomenal Nutrient Analysis.