Superintendent's Message

Elaine Bleiler
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Superintendent's Message

Dr. Greg M. Miller

October 14, 2020                                                                                              

Dear Fleetwood Community,

The Fleetwood Area School District is committed to providing high quality educational opportunities for all of our students. We set high expectations for ourselves and our students.

The district has a rich tradition of academic excellence, athletic competitiveness, and community and social involvement. Additionally, our work in the areas of performing arts including music, theatre, and visual arts are outstanding. 

Our District is committed to providing the appropriate educational resources and experiences to empower all students to cultivate knowledge and develop the desire to learn life-long skills. The skills that will enable them to become responsible and productive citizens of a dynamic global community.

Our students will demonstrate integrity and accountability, value diversity, responsibly utilize resources and be engaged in a rigorous, nurturing learning environment, through the collaboration of parents, families, and the Fleetwood Area School District.

Our past achievements as a district are rooted in our long standing traditions and accomplishments, but our future stands on a vision that is flexible enough to provide growth for all our children’s needs.

Despite being a smaller district, we pride ourselves on individual options and work to ensure success of all of our students.  We believe in the school district being the hub of a supportive community and have seen that through much support from local families and community groups.

We welcome you to join us and explore the possibilities that the Fleetwood Area School District holds for you and your children. 



Greg M. Miller, Ed.D



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