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Office of Teaching and Learning

The Fleetwood Area School District aims to provide excellent educational programs to all students.  Our educational programs are designed to provide all students with the knowledge, understanding, competencies, and skills they will need as they move from grade to grade, school building to school building, and beyond our school district to continuing education or the workplace.

Fleetwood Area School District's K-12 curriculum fosters and supports the district mission statement by:

  • Clearly defining a viable expectation of what students should know, understand, and be able to do across the grade levels, based on discipline-specific standards (state or national)
  • Providing students with learning experiences that are balanced, relevant, and rigorous within grade levels and content areas
  • Utilizing varied resources to differentiate instruction and accommodate a variety of learning modalities and needs

  • Engaging students in problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, innovation, imagination, and leadership so students can be successful in their aspirations within and beyond the school community

  • Promoting systems and strategies that foster safe, positive, healthy, culturally competent, and inclusive learning environments that address students’ varied needs and improve educational outcomes for all

  • Embracing an ongoing curriculum process that reflects new understandings and an ever-changing society