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Assessment Information

Local Assessments

Universal screeners are assessments given multiple times per year, to all students, to measure baseline, performance, and growth. The Fleetwood Area School District administers the following Universal Screeners:

ELA: Acadience Reading (K-5); Lexia (6-8): Beginning of Year (BOY), Middle of Year (MOY), End of Year (EOY)

Math: iReady Diagnostic (K-8): BOY, MOY, EOY

SEL: PASS Screener (K-1): Beginning of Year (BOY) and End of Year (EOY)

State Assessments

Students in the Fleetwood Area School district participate in the following state assessments:

PSSA - ELA and Math (3-8); Science (4 and 8); Click here fore additional information on PSSA from the PDE.
2022-2023 PSSA Information

Keystone - Algebra 1, Biology, Literature (Students participate in these assessments the same year they take the course); Click here for additional information on Keystone Exams from the PDE.