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Multi-Tiered System of Supports

What is it?

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a framework to ensure successful education outcomes for all students by using a data-based problem solving process to provide, and evaluate the effectiveness of multiple tiers of integrated academic, behavior, and social-emotional instruction/intervention supports matched to student need in alignment with educational standards (PaTTAN). 

Tier 1 Instruction and Supports

Tier 1 is the core, universal academic and social/emotional instruction provided to all students. Differentiation, accommodations, and/or supports should be provided to address needs of all learners and to provide access to the curriculum. Student’s social, emotional and behavioral needs should be considered when developing lessons and instruction.  Tier 1 instruction should be effective for at least 80% of the students. 

Tier 2 Intervention and Supports

Tier 2 intervention occurs in a small group setting in addition to Tier 1 core instruction. Tier 2 instruction should focus on targeted skills or strategies for enrichment that will support a student’s progress within the core curriculum. The goal of Tier 2 interventions is to improve student’s performance on grade level curriculum and skills. Approximately 10-15% of students will require Tier 2 level of intervention. 

Tier 3 Intervention and Supports

Tier 3 intervention occurs in a very small group (no more than 3 students) or one-on-one setting to provide explicit and intensive instruction based on a student’s individual needs. Tier 3 interventions are for those students who are performing significantly below or above grade level expectations. This instruction occurs in addition to Tier 1 core instruction. Approximately 1-5% of students will require Tier 3 level of intervention.

MTSS Academic Flowchart

Graphic flowchart of the FASD MTSS Process