Elementary Report Cards

Elementary Report Cards

The elementary report cards have been aligned to the PA Core Standards, reflect grade level expectations, and list the most important skills students should learn in each subject at a particular grade level. The new report cards help make the standards very clear.

The standards-based elementary report cards separate academic performance from work habits and behavior in order to provide a more accurate view of a student’s progress in both academic and behavioral areas. Characteristics of a Successful Learner, such as effort, participation, timeliness, cooperation, and attitude are reported separately. By reporting these separately, families and teachers have additional specific information to support each child’s success in school and beyond.

The purpose of the report cards are to communicate your child’s achievement in relation to learning standards, to promote student learning, and to provide a basis for communicating how families and teachers can collaborate to support student learning.

The English Language Arts and Math sections of the report card for K-4 have the identified standards that are being assessed for the grade level. 

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