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About the Fleetwood Area School District

Mission Statement

The Fleetwood Area School District is committed to providing the appropriate educational resources and experiences to empower all students to cultivate knowledge and develop the desire to learn life-long skills that will enable them to become responsible and productive citizens of a dynamic global community.

Vision Statement

Our students will demonstrate integrity and accountability, value diversity, responsibly utilize resources and be engaged in a rigorous, nurturing learning environment, through the collaboration of parents, families, and the Fleetwood Area School District.

Shared Values

  • Students, educators, family and community form a collaborative team to ensure the success of all stakeholders.
  • School should be a safe place where all students are valued, respected and treated with dignity.
  • Students learn best when instruction is active, engaging and relevant; thereby fostering the skills to become lifelong learners.
  • Educators are responsible for the instruction of the skills needed to access, interpret and analyze information to develop critical thinking skills.

Educational Community

The Fleetwood Area School District serves the children of Fleetwood Borough, Maidencreek Township, and Richmond Township. The district covers over thirty-nine square miles in northeastern Berks County. Students in grades kindergarten through four attend one of two elementary schools. Andrew Maier Elementary, and Willow Creek Elementary. All students in grades five through eight attend the Fleetwood Area Middle School and all students in grades nine through twelve attend the Fleetwood Area High School, both of which are located along North Richmond Street in the Borough of Fleetwood. The district operates its own Virtual School where students may take all or just a few of their courses online. In addition, students in all buildings have the opportunity to engage in a full range of activities.

Fleetwood Area School District students and their families benefit from a high degree of community support. A unique partnership exists between the district and the local YMCA; the Y facility adjoins the Willow Creek Elementary School, and the fitness center is open to district students as well as the community. An active Ministerium meets regularly with district administrators. Concern, a local counseling agency, provides counseling services on site in school buildings, as a service to parents who have difficulty scheduling time for outside counseling services.

The district is proud of its collaborative relationships with local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce and the Berks Business Education Coalition. Both of these organizations support the training of students to provide the county with a viable workforce.