Elementary School FVA - Grades K - 5

The Fleetwood Virtual Academy (FVA) is an online program utilizing courses through Edgenuity. Through this virtual academy, the Fleetwood Area School District offers a range of online courses to cater to student needs and specific situations. Students have the flexibility to enroll in online courses exclusively or choose a combination of online courses and traditional brick-and-mortar school classes.

Our program offers a top-tier, accredited online curriculum tailored for students in grades K-5. Suited for students with varying levels of achievement, from those facing challenges to high achievers, our online courses provide a flexible format and advanced performance tracking tools. Lessons are easily adaptable to each student's skill level, ensuring dynamic adjustments for optimal learning outcomes.

The virtual academy enables students in grades K-5 to conveniently access their courses from the comfort of their homes. The online format introduces a level of flexibility not found in traditional classroom settings, allowing students to log in from home, school, the public library, or any location with internet access.

Key Features of Online Programs: While all programs share the goal of aiding students in achieving their full potential, the platforms and educational approaches may vary. Imagine Edgenuity, in particular, emphasizes independent student learning, providing parents with access to monitor their child's academic progress. All curriculum and textbooks are available online; however, Fleetwood Area School District provides provides copies of the physical textbooks. 

For more information, please contact your student's school counselor - 

Elementary School (K-4)

Middle School (5)