High School FVA - Grades 9 - 12

Through the Fleetwood Virtual Academy, the Fleetwood Area School District provides a wide range of online courses tailored to meet student needs and specific situations. Students have the option to enroll in online courses and/or take courses within our traditional school setting.

The Fleetwood Virtual Academy, utilizing courses from Imagine Edgenuity, offers a high-quality, accredited online program designed for grades 9-12. These online courses align with PA common core standards, providing a flexible alternative for students seeking a different education setting, as well as the ability to catch up or get ahead.

The Fleetwood Virtual Academy grants students in grades 9-12 access to their courses both at home and in school. The online format offers a flexibility not found in traditional classrooms. 

Key features of the program include web-based curriculum, highly qualified teachers with many teachers being Fleetwood Area High School teachers, a 24/7 supportive environment, and a proprietary technology platform specifically tailored for high school education (grades 9-12).

All-Encompassing Online Experience: The Fleetwood Virtual Academy operates similarly to a traditional school, but with everything conducted online. Students can log in and access their courses from home, the public library, or any location with internet access. The essential requirements for participation are a computer and internet connectivity. Live, state-certified instructors are available around the clock, five days a week, for on-demand student support. Students can call for teacher assistance and technical support. Fleetwood will provide the necessary Chromebook for participation in the Fleetwood Virtual Academy.

Course Selection Handbook for Edgenuity

Edgenuity AP Courses

Edgenuity for High School Students

For more information - Please reach out to your student's school counselor. 

High School (9-12)