School Closure Extended

As many of you probably know by now, Governor Wolf has announced a two week extension to the school closings.  This extension would theoretically allow schools to restart during the week of April 6th. Current guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education lists April 7th and 8th as days buildings are open for staff to prepare for students to attend beginning on Thursday, April 9.  For the FASD, April 9 is the Thursday of spring break. Due to our scheduled holiday, the students first day of school would actually be Tuesday, April 14. Please realize this assumes that the current situation improves and the Governor does not extend the closure.  

During this closure, the FASD will continue to provide lunches and the academic activities which we have been posting online at  Because of the possibility of the closure extending further, the FASD is currently developing plans to provide additional academic programming for our students.  This additional programming will include new content, required work, and graded assignments.

This survey was our first step in planning to ensure all of our students have access to technology to utilize during this closure.  Next, we would like to gather actual requests from families who need devices in order for students to engage in instructional activities online. In the event that schools will remain closed beyond spring break, we are planning to begin instruction that will be required and graded. This instruction will require that students have the ability to access online content. In an effort to ensure all students can access the instruction and assignments, we have pulled all chromebooks from classrooms and have prepared to loan them out to families in need of devices. We cannot guarantee each student a device, but we will work to ensure there will be enough devices that can be reasonably shared between siblings. 

If you are in need of a device for your student(s), please complete the survey by Wednesday, March 25th. Further communication will follow to families requesting devices.

I would like to thank all of you for your help and continued support during this challenging time.

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